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Men's Down Coats and Jackets

The down jacket is a lightweight, super insulating coat that is great in dry winter conditions. If worn in damp conditions it is recommended that the down jacket is worn with a lightweight waterproof top layer.

Men's down coats are available in parka, gilet, hooded, and padded styles.

Why choose down?

The down jacket is named after the down feathers that are used to insulate the coat. The feathers make a down coat incredibly warm.

Down jackets are generally a lot lighter than synthetically insulated coats. They can also be compressed and rolled for ease of storage or packing.

The insulation within a down jacket will outlast that of a typical synthetically insulated coat. Most synthetic coats will start to lose their heat retention within 5 to 7 years. If well maintained, the down jacket will retain its insulation for between 10 and 20 years.


Down coats are usually made in one of two ways – Sewn Through or Box Baffle.

Sewn through

- This is generally the cheapest and most common type of down jacket. The outer materials are stitched directly into the inner lining, separating the down into different lines. This method uses less fabric and is lighter than more complicated box baffle construction

Box Baffles

- Box baffle jackets are the best method for optimising the warmth of the down fill. They are sometimes heavier and more expensive than sewn through jackets but are made with thicker, warmer materials. Parka jackets are more likely to feature box baffle construction than lighter weight down jackets.


The quality of down insulation is measured in fill. Down coats typically range from between 300 to 900 fill. 550+ is considered sufficient for most outdoor activities.

Wet Weather

Down feathers may lose their insulating properties when wet or damp. Although most down jackets will come with a water resistant outer layer, they may not be appropriate for use in heavy rain or snow.

Newer coats may feature hydrophobic, water repellent, down. Although not all hydrophobic down coats are waterproof, hydrophobic down feathers with resist water for longer, dry quicker, and retain their loft, keeping you warmer.

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