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Discover the Natural Beauty of Driftwood

Most driftwood finds its way into the ocean by natural events such as strong winds or heavy rain. Driftwood is popular with interior decorators due to its natural beauty and it is also used to decorate aquariums. You can find a wide range of driftwood on eBay.

How do you prepare driftwood for use as an aquarium decoration?

Before placing driftwood into your aquarium, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Use a scrubbing brush to remove any lichen and surface dust and avoid using chemical based cleaners that could leave a poisonous residue. After cleaning, the wood should be boiled for around two hours to kill any fungal spores and algae that are present. The final process before placement is to saturate the wood to reduce its buoyancy, and remove any excess tannins which can significantly affect the PH balance of your aquarium and discolour the water. To saturate the wood, place it in a container of water and use weights to make sure the wood is completely submerged. It can take between one and two weeks to achieve total saturation, and the water should be changed as soon as it begins to darken. Once the water stops changing colour, your driftwood is ready to be placed in your aquarium. In addition to providing the natural cover that fish are drawn to, driftwood also provides the following benefits:

  • Promotes beneficial bacteria.
  • Low-level release of tannins can increase the water's oxygen content.
  • Helps maintain a well-balanced ecosystem.
What other uses does driftwood have?

Drift lumber is particularly useful for DIY craft projects because it usually already has a relatively uniform shape. Drift lumber can be used to create attractive picture frames, coat racks, jewellery hangers, candle holders, and table centrepieces that have a rustic appeal.

What gives driftwood its unique appearance?

During its time in the water, natural nutrients and tannins present in the wood leach away giving it a paler appearance, sun bleaching also compounds the effect, breaking down chemical bonds and allowing colour to fade much faster. Natural erosion from waves and airbourne sand particles help to smooth and shape the wood.

What is drift lumber?

Drift lumber is the remnants of processed wooden items that have found their way into the oceans. This includes the remains of wooden boats or ships, beams, crates, and barrels. Due to erosion caused by waves and sun bleaching, it is often hard to determine the original use of drift lumber.

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