Drum Kits

A standard drum kit features a bass drum, snare, hi-hat, one or more cymbals and one or more toms. Players can add other components to their kit such as cow bells, rotatoms, temple blocks and several different types of cymbals, like sizzle, swish and crash/ride cymbals. Every part can be moved to suit the player for a more comfortable drumming session.

Drumsticks are essential for any drummer and come in a variety of types and weights depending on the player's preference. Brushes, made of nylon, plastic or metal, can also be used with the snare drum to create swishing and quieter sounds. Some drummers opt to wear specialised gloves with a textured grip to prevent dropping their drumsticks and to also ventilate their hands.

Unlike other parts of the drum kit, the bass drum and hi-hat are used in conjunction with a foot pedal. Some drummers use two bass drums and therefore require two pedals, placed by both feet to create faster and more impactful beats. When doing this, it is the foot that usually controls the hi-hat pedal that moves to the secondary bass pedal.

Electronic drums have risen in popularity due to their more subdued sound, making them ideal in smaller spaces. Hitting the sensor pads with a drumstick produces sound through an amplifier, which can be adjusted accordingly to the player's surroundings and can also be listened to through headphones to prevent disturbing others.

When starting out with drums, it is best to buy a standard set comprising of five pieces and includes all the necessary hardware and cymbals. This way, players are able to upgrade the drums and cymbals separately as they progressively find their sound. Brands such as Ludwig, Pearl, Mapex, Zildjian and Paiste have been favoured by world famous drummers such as Joey Kramer, Ringo Starr, Tommy Ramone and are available to buy here on eBay.