Drum Machines

Commercial drum machines have been around since the 1950s, becoming available for professional use in the late 1970s. 

The compact, programmable beat box boasts a four-bar loop rhythm section that never tires of playing.

Why should you choose a drum machine?

  • Sound quality - a top quality professional drum machine can enhance your sound, assisting you in composing new songs and complete arrangements in minutes
  • Performance preferences - drum machines typically provide a range of sounds that include natural drum sounds and digital reverbs, with adjustable tonal content
  • Versatility - electronic drum machines create the sound of an entire band with just one person in charge. They are suitable for songwriters, live performers and remix engineers
  • Ease of use - most drum machine models feature pressure sensitive trigger pads, slots for removal ROM cards, individual outputs and unlimited ability to create rhythmic beat loops
  • Consider your needs - a drum machine is a compact and fully portable drum kit that can instantly create hundreds of different drum sounds. This greatly enhances a solo performance

What to look for when choosing the right drum machine for you

  • Features - a drum machine that features multiple effects gives you quality sound control
  • Specifications - top of the range drum machines boast USB 2.0 port computer connections and multiple input and outputs
  • Design - a battery powered, compact and lightweight drum machine that is highly portable is the ultimate choice for ease of use 

Different types of drum machine

  • Classic - the classic model has evolved through the decades and grown in sophistication. This drum machine is a sampling and sequencing workstation
  • Compact - typically features a mix of step-sequenced analogue drums and PCM sampled drums. Tunable sounds include snare, kick, hi tom, open hat and closed hat, with additional sampled percussion
  • Sampling - ideal for achieving a punchier synthetic sound
  • Digital percussion drum - the portable 7-pad drum machine boasts 216 sounds and features 2 pedals