Information That's Helpful When Purchasing a Dual Monitor Arm

The right dual monitor arm will significantly enhance your computer usage experience. Browse through the list of new and used dual monitor arms available at an affordable price on eBay. Ask yourself the following questions when selecting your dual monitor arm purchase.

How do you find a compatible monitor?

Before choosing a specific dual monitor arm, you'll want to know the make and model of the monitors you would like to mount. Not all monitors are compatible with all monitor arms. The make and model, as well as the VESA specifications, will help you find the compatible monitor arm for you. The majority of monitors and displays are manufactured using the industry-wide standards set by VESA. You also want to make sure that the dual monitor arm you select is manufactured to hold the size and weight of your monitors.

Where can you locate your monitor?

The most used location of your monitor will help to determine which style of dual monitor arm you want. The various style options you will have to choose from include the following:

  • Desk mounting arm: Typically desk mounting arms are used for personal use for individual office desks. This style of mounting arm is generally mounted in one of two ways. You will have the option of a grommet mount which is when your mounting arm is connected to your desktop by a hole drilled through your desk. The second option is a mounting arm with a clamp mount. These types of mounts have a C-shaped mount which clamps onto your desktop.
  • Wall mounting arm: Wall mounting arms are generally used in setting where dual monitors are being used by multiple people. You will commonly find this type of set-up in places like hospitals and libraries. Wall-styled dual monitor arms are also very useful in homes where multiple users are on and off the computer frequently.
  • Ceiling mounting arm: Ceiling mounting dual monitor arms attach to the ceiling with a sturdy bracket drilled into your support beam or stud. This style of mounting arm typically comes equipped with a shelving unit to hold your keyboard and mouse.
Do you need an adjustable monitor arm?

Proper posture when computing is becoming an increasingly important concept in society as studies continuously prove the wear and tear that slouching does on the body. To comfortably use your dual monitor arm you want to be sure to select one with the right adaptability to meet your needs. Many ceiling and wall mounting monitor arms adjust for use while sitting or standing. Be sure to evaluate the adjustable range of your select monitor arm that it will properly fit the way your monitors are used most.