Take Gaming to the Next Level with a Ducky Keyboard

Ducky manufacture high-quality mechanical keyboards using German manufactured cherry MX switches that are rated to over 50 million keystrokes. Keyboards are available in both EU and US layout, and many Ducky keyboard models feature built-in keyboard macro technology. You can find affordably priced Ducky keyboards on eBay.

What type of USB cables are used with ducky keyboards?

Ducky keyboards are supplied with type-C USB leads that allow the keyboard to operate at 1000Hz, this means that Ducky keyboards can communicate with your computer 1000 times every second for astonishing response times. Since type-C USB leads are interchangeable, users can easily plug in a longer cable if required.

Are Ducky keycaps printed or engraved?

Keycap symbols may be either injection moulded into the key using the double-shot technique, laser engraved, or dye sublimated, depending on the model of your Ducky keyboard. Dye sublimation involves laser etching the symbols into the keycaps before filling the engraved void with a coloured resin. All methods used by Ducky result in high-quality keycaps that are extremely durable. The keycap legends will not rub off after prolonged use.

Why are Cherry MX switches available in different colours?

Cherry MX switches use a colour coding system to indicate the characteristics of the switch. Where keyboard are primarily used for typing a moderate actuation weight MX switch is often preffered. For gaming keyboards a lighter actuation weight MX switch can help achieve faster response times. Most Cherry MX switches are "clicky", providing audible feedback when pressed. Cherry MX Brown and Silent switches still create an audible click but are much quieter than standard switches. This makes them particularly suited to office use and other environments where keyboard noise is undesirable. The various options are as follows:

  • Cherry MX Black: 60cN actuation linear switches more suited to typing.
  • Cherry MX Brown: 45cN actuation tactile switches ideally suited to typing and gaming.
  • Cherry MX Blue: 50cN actuation clicky switches suited to typing or gaming.
  • Cherry MX Red: Light 45cN actuation linear switches ideally suited to gaming.
  • Cherry MX Silent Red: 45cN actuation quiet linear switches ideally suited to gaming.
  • Cherry MX Speed: 45cN actuation short travel linear switches ideally suited to gaming.
  • Cherry MX White: 55cN actuation quiet click linear switches more suited to typing.
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