Cruise the Seas in a Dutch Barge

Dutch barges are long, flat-bottomed boats that were originally built to carry cargo across bodies of water around the Netherlands. Despite their origins for practical and commercial purposes, Dutch barges have since come to be put to recreational and even residential use. With eBay's listings and this informational guide, you can find a Dutch barge for sale and use it to head out onto the waters.

General features of a Dutch barge

Here are some of the basic, general features of a Dutch barge:

  • Size: Typically a barge can be anywhere from about 15 to 40 metres in length. They are usually not wider than 4.25 metres.
  • Engines: Barges are propelled by marine diesel engines. Smaller barges will use two-cylinder engines, while larger ones can employ engines with five cylinders or more. These engines also power things like internal heating and lighting.
How much living space can a Dutch barge offer?

Dutch barges are not only marine vessels fit for travel. You might even choose to live on one, either during extended voyages on the water or while the boat remains docked and stationary. The amount of living space provided in a barge will, to some degree, vary as a function of the boat's size. However, a 15-metre-long barge that is designed to provide on-board living accommodations can easily offer about 16 metres of living space. Larger boats can have multiple cabins. Of course, racing barges are not meant to live aboard, so although you can find them for sale on eBay, you won't find them with living quarters.

Be aware that English cities will allow you to live aboard a Dutch barge only if the boat has a permanent mooring.

Accoutrements on a Dutch barge

You can take many items aboard a Dutch barge to liven things up a bit. Some eBay listings offer Dutch barges for sale with some of these accommodations already on them, but even if these things are not present, you can almost always bring them aboard.

  • TVs
  • Gas grills and heaters
  • Storage cabinets
  • Refrigerators
  • Beds
  • Boilers
  • Toilet and shower
  • Solar panels for additional power
What to think about when shopping for a Dutch barge

Here are some general things to remember when shopping for barges on eBay:

  • The larger the boat, the more you will typically have to pay for it.
  • Barges with more powerful engines, larger living quarters, and those with special accoutrements included will also typically cost more.
  • Sometimes, you will find special barges designed for navigating canals; these boats can be as narrow as 1.4 metres in width. They will typically cost somewhat more than ordinary barges, but pricing can vary.