E-Cigs, Vapes & Accessories

E-Cigarettes, Vapes, Parts and Accessories

Maybe youre new to E-Cigarettes or maybe youre a convert and looking to update your vaping kit. Whatever your needs youll find plenty of E-Cigarettes, vapes, parts and accessories on offer. You can find E-Cigarettes from leading brands including Aspire, Eleaf, KangerTech and KiK.


There are many different E-Cigarettes on offer in every colour imaginable, with different finishes and patterns. That makes it very easy to choose a model thats personal to you.

As well as colours youll find lots of designs to pick from. You can find E-Cigarettes that are long and thin which might be a good option for you if you prefer to mimic a traditional cigarette. There are also different-shaped vapes on offer that include shorter, stubbier-shaped options which make them easier to hold.

E Liquids and E-Cigarette Cartridges

The liquid nicotine inside the cartridges is sometimes called ‘E-Liquid, ‘E Juice or ‘vape juice. There are different amounts of nicotine in different cartridges, ranging from no nicotine at the lowest end up to 18 milligrams per millilitre at the highest concentration of nicotine. If you are trying to wean yourself off nicotine it might be sensible to start with a stronger concentration of nicotine and progress down to less intense concentrations.

There are different sizes available too, with 10 millilitres the smallest and 100 millilitres the largest. You can even choose different flavours of E-Liquid, from banana to pineapple, lemon to vanilla.

Accessories for Your Vape

Its understandable that youd want to take care of your vape, and you can find protective cases in all shapes and sizes. A USB charger is essential too so that youll have enough charge to use your vape wherever you are, whilst spare coils ensure that your vape can be used for extended periods of time.