Improve your Entertainment Options with Enigma 2

The Enigma 2 is a powerful operating system that utilises Linux to bring you a range of entertainment options. You can connect a box that runs the operating system to the internet to drastically increase the TV and movies that you can enjoy, as well as make use of features such as an EPG. You can even enjoy free-to-view digital-quality channels through cable, satellite, or via an aerial. eBay offers a range of Enigma 2 boxes at affordable prices.

What can Enigma 2 do?

Enigma 2 runs on various different boxes, and what features are offered depends on the specifications of each box. In general, Enigma 2 can support the following:

  • Stream free-to-view digital channels, either through a satellite dish or an aerial.
  • Support recording of programmes via an EPG, depending on how many tuners the box has.
  • Connect to the internet via an Ethernet port to stream content from online sources or files from your home network.
  • Boxes usually come with a card reader, which you can use to access paid-for content if you wish.
  • Software allows the users to install plug-ins. These can do things such as access your favourite YouTube channel directly through your TV, as well as other controls.
What should you look for when choosing a box with Enigma 2?

There are many boxes on the market that benefit from an Enigma 2 operating system. You will have to make a choice depending on what type of TV you wish to watch, be that satellite, cable or digital. There are also a number of features that you might wish to take into consideration, including:

  • Tuners: The number of tuners will determine if you can record programmes and how many you can record at a time.
  • Picture quality: Decide if you need a box that can upscale picture quality to HD or 4K.
  • Storage space: Consider how much space you need the box to have for recorded files.
What is Linux?

Linus is open-source software that offers users more control over their operating system. This means that firmware can easily be upgraded by the user. Another advantage of using Linux is that it performs better in terms of security. Flaws that can leave the box compromised are caught much quicker than when using other systems.

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