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Equestrian Competition Show Accessories

Impeccable equestrian dress can make the difference between an award winning routine or a mid place finish in a competition. Equestrian competition and show accessories can enhance your outfit with a range of classy, stylish and cost savvy scarves , hair nets, pins, riding stocks, riding brocades, and ties.

Stock Tie

Stock ties are an essential equestrian competition clothing accessory. A stock tie is a requirement for many equestrian events and competitions. Many events require a stock tie to be white. White stock ties are required when riding in both dressage and the dressage stages of eventing competitions. Rules on colours are less strict in events such as show jumping, cross-country and fox hunting. Coloured stock ties typically come in soft pinks, beiges, and blues.

Stock Tie Pins

Stock tie pins are available in a variety of designs and are a great way to personalise a white neck tie during dressage. Pins are usually gold and often come in simple golden designs. Variants include pins featuring studded gemstones and coloured glass details. A stock pin is fastened through the knot, or else just below the knot.


Many equestrian and children's events require the wearing of a tie rather than a stock tie. Riding ties are similar to classic men's ties and are available in a variety of colours, they are typically made from silk. Many neckties come with matching bows to be fitted your horse's mane or bridle.

Hair Nets

Hair nets are an essential when competing in equestrian events. For many events they will be a requirement of the dress code. Hair nets are available in a range of designs and colours, although the majority of nets are navy blue or black to match with riding hats . Hair nets are frequently designed with details such as silk bows, or studded gemstones.

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