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Essential Oils and Diffusers

Diffusers can help you reap the full benefits of essential oils by dispersing them around a room or indoor space. In addition to smelling great, essential oil diffusers can make a real difference to your overall health, increasing energy and promoting better sleep.

Choose your essential oil diffusers from familiar brands such as Jo Malone, Ancient Wisdom, Ashleigh & Burwood, Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle.

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers are one of the most popular choices. They're simple to use and require you to place dry rattan sticks into a vessel that contains a small quantity of your favourite essential oil. As the liquid travels up through the reed and is absorbed, the scent begins to spread through the air. You'll find hundreds of reed diffuser options including sets and bundles of sticks.

Electric Aroma Diffuser

Electric diffusers use a fan to circulate the essential oil into the air. In most diffusers of this type, the essential oil is placed onto an absorbent pad or tissue and a fan blows directly onto it, wafting the scent. Electric aroma diffusers are among the most popular types of diffuser and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and pleasant designs to blend in with your décor.

Candle Wax Warmer

This simple device enables you to elevate your oil above your candle, using the heat from the flame to gently warm the essential oils. Typically candle wax warmers are made from ceramics or metal and vaguely resemble a cake stand due to their multiple layers. Ceramic versions come in a variety of colours and ornate designs making them great gift ideas.

Light Bulb Ring

Lightbulb rings fit around the neck of a lightbulb and are typically made from brass or terracotta. They contain essential oils that heat up when the light is on, slowly releasing a scent into the room.

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