Expand Your Seating Options With an Extending Glass Dining Table

A glass extension dining table can be a great way to accommodate numerous guests and show off your sense of style at the same time. These extendable tables are available in a range of affordable options on eBay. Familiarising yourself with the main features that you can choose from will help you find the table that meets your needs. 

What other materials are in an expandable glass dining table? 

Although the primary dining surface of these extending tables is glass, other parts of the item use different materials to create a unique look. If you have a particular preference for parts of your extending glass dining table, eBay's helpful interface can assist you in choosing the right one to suit your preferences. Some of the materials you can include in addition to glass are:  

  • Chrome - Chrome trim or legs on your extending glass dining table will give it a reflective, highly polished look.
  • Wood - Wood can give your dining table a natural appearance. Wooden parts for tables may be available in various types or shades to suit your decor.
  • Steel - The appearance and properties of steel can provide a striking contrast to the delicate looks of the glass surface.

How do extending dining tables work? 

Most of the extendable tables you will find on eBay operate on the same basic principles. The precise action can vary from model to model, but most tables include these elements:  

  • Storage - Extra panes of glass reside underneath the main portion of the table until you need them.
  • Locking - You can slide the extra panes of the expandable glass table out and up to meet the main portion and lock them in place.
  • Folding - A special cantilever safely lowers the extended parts of the table whenever you want to shorten it.

Can you choose a shape for your extending glass table? 

Expandable tables with glass tops come in a wide variety of shapes. You may have a favourite shape for your furniture, or you may wish to choose the table shape that is most convenient fit into the dining space you have. eBay can help you sort through the table shapes it offers to find the models that work for your preferences. Note that glass table shapes can use a variety of additional materials in their construction. You can choose a shape also meets your requirements for seating a particular number of people once you extend the extra panes.