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Extension Tube for Micro Four Thirds Camera

Extension tubes for micro four thirds cameras allow a lens to gain more focus on objects that are further away. Therefore, you'll gain a longer focal length without having to invest in a more powerful camera lens . Extension tubes are a great cost effective addition to any camera kit.


You subject will appear bigger and more detailed in the frame with your existing lens becoming a macro camera lens , demonstrating the same quality without the price tag of a new lens. Extension tubes work by being mounted in between the camera body and the lens to create a greater distance. With the lens being further away, the lens can focus in more. Different lengths of extension tubes are available for micro four thirds cameras. They sometimes come in sets of two, providing you with different focal lengths.

Check the extension tubes maintain the connections between the lens and the camera so you will still be able to control autofocus as some extension tubes don't. If so, you will still be able to use manual focus.

Bear in mind that lengthening the lens in this way will give you longer exposure times due to the aperture being smaller. However, it's certainly a lower cost solution than buying a macro lens.

Extension tubes are made from high quality materials and usually have a metal mount and a plastic body. They come in various different sizes and sometimes in packs of two with different lengths in millimetres, allowing you to achieve two different focal points. The attachment to the camera is sturdy and stable when used together.

They are lightweight and won't add too much extra bulk to your kit, certainly not as much as buying another lens. Overall, they are good value for money and a great way to experiment with macro photography.

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