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Extension Tube for Olympus OM Camera

Olympus are a Japanese company who specialise in cameras and camera equipment, offering makes and models equal in quality to many other companies but with a lower price tag. Their cameras are well known for being sturdy and reliable, allowing you to go to every photo shoot knowing that you are fully equipped with the best camera possible.

What is an extension tube?

An extension tube increases the maximum forward extension of the camera lens . Comprising of a lightweight tube that moves the lens further away from the rest of your camera, extension tubes increase the best achievable magnification. This means that you can get closer to the subject of your shots, meaning smaller, higher detail subjects like flowers, insects or similar objects can be captured in a far better focus. It will also fill more of the resulting image with the subject of your photograph.

Electrical connections

There are two main types of camera extension tubes: those with electrical connections and those without. The extension tubes without electrical connections do not maintain an electrical connection between the camera and the lens. This means that if your lenses do not have manual aperture rings then you cannot adjust the aperture, resulting in a narrow depth of field. Fortunately, this means that these are usually relatively inexpensive.

Extension tubes with electrical connections allow the electrical signals to flow freely throughout the camera and the lens, meaning you get full control. Although these features are helpful, they do result in a more costly purchase.


Extension tubes will often result in a loss of light, making them inappropriate for use in dark environments such as at night time or in enclosed spaces. Many modern cameras will try to automatically compensate for this loss of light, but it is still not ideal for photographers in these environments or with older Olympus cameras that may not have this feature.

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