Modular and ethical Fairphone smartphones

Highly customisable and ethically sourced, Fairphone smartphones are let you constantly upgrade your device with replaceable modular sections. These handy Android smartphones let you customise the specs thanks to modular upgrades and phone accessories. From the original model to the Fairphone 2, you'll find something for you right here on eBay. 

Fairphone 1

Designed using ethically sourced materials, the first Fairphone was made in an effort to create an easy to repair smartphone. One of the main selling points is the replaceable 2000mAh battery, something that's almost unheard of in modern smartphones. 

This replaceable battery helps to elongate the Fairphone's life, meaning you don't have to get a new phone when the battery starts to fail. 

Another selling point of the first Fairphone is that it's highly easy to repair yourself. In fact, you're encouraged to do so. This is an effort to reduce waste, ensuring that your phone lasts for longer. Brand new models even come with a repair manual. 

Fairphone 2

The second model, the Fairphone 2, is made with repairability in mind, using modular parts to make this even easier. A powerful 12MP camera captures amazing shots, using a dual flash for more even lighting. 

A dual-SIM design lets you keep two numbers on one phone, whilst a removable battery lets you easily replace a worn out battery. Or, get a second battery to keep as a spare. 

You can expand the 32GB of storage into 64GB, ensuring that you can keep all of your pictures, songs and apps in one place. 

A five-inch 1080p display outputs amazing visuals so you can enjoy crisp colours and clear details. The easy-to-use Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system makes this smartphone extremely easy to use, offering a host of useful apps and functions. 

Explore a range of replacement modules too, including displays, cameras and earpieces.