Felder equipment for all needs

Felder is an Austrian mechanical engineering company founded in 1956. Its widely considered as one of the worlds leading woodworking machine suppliers, providing professional woodworking machinery for trade, business and industry. 

While Felders woodworking machines are typically used in the commercial production of timber products they can also be used by hobbyists for smaller scale production and crafts. Products range from portable hand-held power tools that can be used at home, to larger industrial machines that have to be installed inside factories and workshops. 

In 1990 Felder produced the worlds first combination machine with a sliding table and is responsible for some of the most highly regarded woodworking machines including the FORMAT-4 products, which have received numerous design awards including the Adolf-Loos-Prize and the IF-Design-Award. 

In 2012 Felder introduced its revolutionary Silent-Power spiral cutterblock which can be incorporated into any of its Felder and lower-priced Hammer planers and jointers. Made from unique four-sided carbide teeth, this superior technology is specially designed to reduce noise by 10 decibels when in use. 

Choosing your Felder woodworking equipment

Whatever youre trying to create youll find a Felder woodworking machine or tool for the job, from sawing and drilling to sanding, thicknessing and edgebanding. In particular, Felder specialises in combination woodworking machines which combine the functions of two or more separate machines into a single unit. 

Combination woodworking machines are particularly useful if youd like to increase efficiencies and cut back on all the floor space youd need for several machines. Felders most popular machines include 5-gang combination machines, milling machines, presses and CNC machining centres. 

Youll find dozens of new and used Felder woodworking machines and tools to choose from including a wide selection of accessories and replacement parts. Choose from planer blade knives and setting jigs, carbide tips and spiral groove and mitre joint cutter heads.