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A Brief Buying Guide for Felt Bikes

Whether you're training for a triathlon or hitting the mountain trails, you need a bike that can keep up with your adventures. Felt Bikes designs performance-oriented bicycles for specific applications, ranging from paved roads to tracks. The brand offers a variety of bike models suitable for men and women riders, and they are available on eBay.

What types of bikes does Felt make?

Felt Bikes offers many bicycle options, including:

  • Road and track: Felt's road and track bikes are designed for racing. They have the stiffness-to-weight ratios needed for fast cycling, and they're equipped with lightweight drivetrains and carbon wheels for additional speed. Options include the FR Series, FX Series, VR Series, and AR Series.
  • Mountain: The brand makes different types of mountain bikes, such as cross country, trail, enduro, and e-mountain styles. Designed for everything from jump lines to intense cross-country courses, the bikes are equipped with features like purpose-tuned forks, proprietary suspension platforms, and carbon fiber construction. Doctrine, Edict, Decree, Virtue, and Compulsion are some of the mountain bike series offered by Felt Bikes.
  • Triathlon and TT: Felt Bikes makes triathlon bikes, which are designed for triathlons, and TT bikes, which are designed for cycling time trials. The triathlon bikes are designed with endurance and long-distance rides in mind, and the TT bikes meet UCI specifications. Options range from the IA/IAX Series to the AR Series.
  • Lifestyle and e-bikes: The brand's e-bikes are equipped with pedal-assist technology that enhances speed, endurance, and overall biking experience. Felt Bikes' lifestyle e-bikes include the Sport-E 50 S and the Verza-E 30 S.
What materials does Felt Bikes use to construct their bicycles?

Bikes are complex vehicles. For optimal performance, the materials used have to fulfill specific standards of weight, flexibility, and strength. When constructing bike frames, Felt Bikes uses materials such as:

  • Carbon fiber: Felt uses a carbon fiber blend that contains uni-directional materials, which lower weight while enhancing stiffness.
  • Aluminum: Felt's aluminum frames are lightweight and ideal for performance-riding situations.
What size options are available?

Affordable Felt bicycles are available in the following frame sizes:

  • Road bikes: 48 cm to 61 cm
  • Mountain bikes: 12 inches to 22 inches
  • Lifestyle and e-bikes: 44 cm to 61 cm; 16 inches to 22 inches
What bikes are available for women riders?

Felt makes racing bikes, mountain bikes, and lifestyle bikes suitable for female riders. The available series include:

  • FRW Series
  • VRW Series
  • Verza Speed W Series
  • Verza Path W Series
  • Verza Cruz W Series
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