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Fender Electro Acoustic Guitars 

Fender are a guitar company most famous for their iconic electric guitar models, such as the Stratocaster and Telecaster, but they also produce a number of electro acoustic guitars.

Fender electro acoustic guitars use a built in pickup system or microphone allowing for the amplification of the sound. They can then be plugged into an amplifieror speaker system. They can still be played acoustically and do not have to be used with an amplifier like an electric guitar.

Electro acoustic guitars are especially practical for live performances as they can reach a loud volume without requiring the use of an external microphone to capture the sound. They can simply be plugged into a speaker system for a more direct signal.

Benefits of an electro acoustic guitar

  • Can reach loud volumes with an amplifier or speaker
  • Can be used to record a direct signal – no microphone necessary in recording scenarios
  • More ideal for gigs than acoustic guitars
  • Often feature EQ and phase controls – gives you control over your sound
  • Many feature built in tuners – practical for fast and easy tuning
  • Can be used with guitar effects pedals easily – opens up endless creative possibilities for sounds

Fender offers a range of different electro acoustic guitars that accommodate for beginners to professional touring musicians.

You can expect the build quality, quality of construction materials and tone woods and features to improve as the cost of the instrument increases.

Fender’s latest “Paramount” series of performance guitars for example feature all solid wood construction, rosewood or ebony fingerboards and collaboratively designed fishman/fender preamps. The entry-level CD60CE model however doesn’t have solid construction and utilizes a more affordable electronics system.

Fender’s subsidiary company Squier also offer electro acoustic guitars at an even more affordable price than Fender entry-level guitars. They are an ideal option for beginners and young students.