Film & TV Box Set DVDs

DVD box sets for the ultimate night in

Grab all of your favourite shows in the fantastic selection of DVD box sets available for the perfect night in. Whatever your interests, youll find everything from Game of Thrones DVD box sets to the latest crime drama series. There is also plenty to keep the kids entertained for hours too. 

The wide selection of sets offers you the chance to catch up on shows you may have missed or episodes that you just cant resist watching time and time again. If youre looking to add DVDs to your collection, there is tons of choice in brand new, like new and good condition for a range of budgets. 

Popular TV shows

If youre hooked on a series and find commitments are getting in the way of your catch-ups, then purchasing a DVD TV series box set is a great way to watch it when you want. If you want to start a whole new TV favourite but need to start from scratch, there is also a host of sets that have several seasons to let you get up to date with the latest episodes. 

Gift ideas

DVD box sets are the ideal present for TV buffs and film fanatics. Youll find something to suit everyones tastes whether they are small tots who love childrens classics to adults that love crime thrillers. You can get several seasons or a series of films in one box set too so they can go back and watch time and time again, plus share with the family too. 

Childrens box sets

To keep the children entertained for hours, kids DVD box sets that feature their favourite characters are a great distraction. There is a massive selection for family viewing, and they also make an excellent choice when inviting friends round for parties and sleepovers.