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If You Burn Fire Logs, Store Them in a Decorative Container That Enhances Your Home and Hearth

A fireplace or wood burning stove is a warming fixture for any winter home. You want to keep a supply of wood close to the fireplace or stove, and a log store, available on eBay, is the best way to keep the wood organised. In fact, many people use more than one in order to keep the smaller kindling pieces separated from the larger pieces of wood.

What characteristics should you look for in log storage?

eBay has a generous selection of log-storing methods at reasonable prices. Some of the features you may want to consider include the following:

  • Size - The size of the log store that works for you depends on the size of the logs you burn and the size of the area in your home that you have available for log storage.
  • Look - The log-storing devices available on eBay range from the very rustic to the ultra-modern. From vintage wooden crates to brushed metal and glass, there is a look that matches your home's décor.
  • Portability - Some log containers are large and designed to stay in place. Others are lightweight to make moving logs from outdoors to indoors or room to room an easy task.
Are matching fireplace accessories available for a log store?

Yes, matching ash buckets, ash scoops, pokers, billows, and brooms are available for some log containers offered on eBay.

What are some materials used to make log storing articles?

Shopping on eBay reveals a wide variety of log storing methods made from a variety of materials. You will find the following types of materials:

  • Canvas - A canvas tote is probably the most portable log store available. Look for one made of heavy-duty waterproof canvas and reinforced carrying handles.
  • Steel - Black, powder-coated steel has always been a popular look for all types of fireplace and stove accessories. eBay generally has a selection of the very large to the very small. The iron may be delicately styled with artistic accents or ruggedly industrial to suit your taste and home style.
  • Wood - Wooden harvesting boxes and bins are appealing as log stores because they are durable and come in a variety of sizes. Large ones are perfect for storing burning logs and a matching smaller box provides a nice accent for kindling storage.
  • Wicker - Baskets made of wicker are the perfect solution to keeping burning wood tidy in your home. From large to small in a good selection of colours, baskets provide style and help simplify orderliness.
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