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Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels

There is a wide selection of fishing reels available to buy in a variety of sizes and strengths and with a range of features. Before you make your purchase, it is important to remember several points about the kind of fishing reels you will need. The types of reels include sea reels, free spool reels, fixed spool reels and fly reels.

Free Spool fishing reels

Free spool fishing reels are best suited to carp fishing in freshwater. There are many free spool reels to choose from. Some offer advanced innovations meaning you can enjoy extra casting and a larger line than some of the smaller free spool reels. The smaller reels are best suited to feeder fishing and small predator fishing as well as carp of all sizes. Other popular brands also offer the added benefit of having precision gearing, and adjustable drag tension along with added features such as unlimited anti reverse and unique air ball and cast lock.

Sea reels

Due to the salty and windy environment in which they are used, it is important that your sea reel has been pre-treated to avoid corrosion. Its important to bear this in mind when selecting the best reel in order to protect it from the elements. Many of the top makes and models have benefits suited for their use and although certain models may have a narrow width of a sea line this does not mean a weak line as a thin line can still pull heavy weights.

Spinning/fixed spool reels

This style of reels is more commonly known to be a durable and sturdy reel, with features included three bearings, smooth line lay and anti-reverse functions. Many of these models also come with fixed reels and are ideal for carp fishing. Other important features that can be found include longer casting potential, worm drive and anti-reverse, as well as bite indicators, quiver settings and two gears.

Fly reels

Fly reels are usually very lightweight, and some even come in featherweight categories. Some can even weigh less than four ounces and can be used with either the left or the right hand although some models come with an interchangeable left hand/right hand conversion.

Other reels

With many other reels available offering different types of effective benefits which can include instant drag reel, high line capacity of up to 20lbs, along with a spring loaded anti reverse feature.

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