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Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods

Fishing is a popular pastime for both young and old and whether youre just starting out or youre a dab hand already, youll need the right fishing rod. It is important to find a fishing rod right for you and the type of fishing you want to do. Luckily theres plenty of choice, so whatever youre hoping to catch, youll be sure to find the right rod for you.

Rods for different types of fishing

Whether youre looking to fish in your local stream, in a large lake or at sea, fishing rods come in different sizes, weights and designs for different uses. You will also find that different rods are suited to catching different types and sizes of fish.

Fly fishing is the term given to a technique that involves casting an artificial fly and for this a fly fishing rod is the most suitable. For a very small fish in a calm stream, a light line would be appropriate, whereas for heavy fish in open water, a heavier line would be the right choice.

You can find fly rods with a very light line described as a 0 weight and the heaviest line described as a 16 weight. The fly rods most commonly available are around the middle of the weight range, from 4 to 8.

Novice angler?

Spinning fishing rods can be used in many different situations and are ideal for catching lighter or medium sized fish. They are ideal for a beginner due to their versatility and their ease of use.

Spinning rods are available in different sizes and materials such as carbon fibre or graphite. A rod that comes in multiple pieces can be broken down and stored in a carry case, ideal for travel and protection when the rod is not in use.

Alternately, a fishing pole is a good option for novice anglers. A fishing pole requires no reel, just a length of elastic that gives when the fish bites. You can find poles from eight to eleven metres, and some are telescopic so you can add or take sections away, depending on where you want to fish.

Rods for bottom feeding fish

If youre hoping to catch fish that feed on the river bed, such as carp, then youll need a feeder or a picker rod. This style of rod does not float bait on the surface of the water, therefore making it appropriate for fish that feed at the bottom. You can find feeder and picker rods available in different lengths, from nine to twelve feet.

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