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Fishing Sinkers and Weights

Fishing sinkers and weights come in varying styles and sizes. Some styles include pear, bullets, inline, carp lead and drop shot. Brands include Miller Punchin, Voss and even Anchor.

Breakout Lead

This is a very popular design with experienced anglers. They are available in torpedo shapes and bomb shapes. The twin tensioned grip wires snap open and this allows the lead to be retrieved over stones and weeds without the wire catching on the seabed. The Gemini breakout style uses a wire release system that has screw-in heads. This allows the angler to adapt the weight and sinker that they have in order to accommodate for the fish that they are going to catch.

Fixed Wire

Fixed wire weights are suited to deep waters and strong currents. The weight sinks very quickly and offers a very high level of grip. Fixed wire weights are much more difficult to find and retrieve because the wire grips the seabed as it is pulled back. An angler can reduce the chances of this happening by using a stiffer wire. An angler can also bend the wire in a fixed wire weight to increase the accuracy while reducing the chances of the line getting caught during the cast.

Long Tail

Long tail weights are used to make very straight casts. They act like darts and are ideal for use with larger baits. Long tail weights are not likely to wobble when they are cast and they are also great if you want an anti-tangle cast. Long tail weights are ideal for use with bigger fish and they have the ability to be cast further without being dragged down by the bait.

Choosing the right weight will ultimately depend on the type of fish you want to catch and the type of bait that you are going to use.

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