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Fishing Spoon Lures

Fishing Spoon Lures

There are a great range of fishing spoon lures available, catering for the needs of anglers from competition standard to entry and recreational level. Fishing spoon lures are oblong and are usually concave metallic lures. Lures can be used to catch any number of fish, and are used during most conventional fishing methods such as coarse fishing, fly fishing, and saltwater fishing .

Fishing Lures

A fishing lure is bait that is used to attract fish through either the imitation of prey or the creation of colours and vibrations that are alluring to fish. Lures are artificial bait, although they can be supplemented with conventional foods. Lures are usually set with multiple hooks designed to catch fish as they come into contact with the lure. Some lures can be hand designed and can comprise of numerous individual components that are adjusted to the conditions. Handmade lures are most commonly used when fly fishing.

Spoon Lures

The spoon lure is typically concaved in the manner of a conventional spoon. The spoon is usually made from metal or shell and is polished so that is reflects light and shimmers in the water. The spoon shaped design of the lure enables it to move in random patterns through the water, imitating a fish. Most spoon lures come with a treble hook at the end of the spoon.

Spoon lures can be either hand moved through the use of a reel and a rod, or else through the mechanised device of a boats trolling motor. Many lures will feature a small painted pattern to increase the chance of other fish becoming interested in the lure. Some of the most effective lures are those made from more reflective metals such as silver and gold.

Your choice of spoon lure will depended upon the fish you intend to catch. There are numerous different specifications of spoon lure designed for fishing Salmon, Trout, Carp, freshwater fish, saltwater fish, for use in fly fishing and use in coarse fishing.

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