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Fishing Sticks

Fishing sticks, also known as stick floats are floats that constantly move in the water. They require a different technique from standard fly fishing rods , as users have to watch the float for fish bites as well as making sure that the stick floats float downstream in a straight line. This can be seen as the purest form of fishing and is perfect for rivers and lakes of depths of up to 10 foot.

Ideal waters

Fishing sticks and floats work best in rivers and lakes, as they are able to trot shallow to deep waters as well as fast and slow flowing waters. They are suited for shallow waters and ideally work on moving waters like rivers that have a constant flow.

Tip Choice

Fishing sticks or stick floats vary in the type of tip on the end of the float. A large tip allows the float to trot a long way down the water whilst the tip of the float still being visible. A standard dome tip stick is most commonly used for normal flowing rivers and the majority of time these are used.

The big 'bolo' has a very long tip and has a lot of weight behind it, which is ideal for use in deep and fast flowing rivers. A tip that has a bullet shape and larger shoulders helps to hold back in fast water. The fine, skinny tip helps at close range to spot delicate bites from fish such as roach and dace.

There is a variety of floats available for fishing . They vary in size, tip and brand so you must ensure you choose the right fishing stick/stick float for your fishing adventures to have the best possible outcome when fishing in rivers.

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