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Fishing Tackle Bags

Fishing tackle boxes and bags are specifically designed for different categories of fishing. With pockets for bait, reels, hooks and even rod pockets, many fishing tackle bags also accommodate the comfort and needs of the angler themselves and will have provisions for a flask and a lunch box and even a stove.

Fishing Tackle Boxes

Fishing tackles boxes are usually made of hard plastic, rubber or polyurethane. They are moulded and have compartments in order to protect the delicate bait, lines and reels that anglers carry. As a general rule, fly fishing tackle boxes will be smaller than coarse fishing or saltwater tackle boxes, although there are exceptions.

Some tackle boxes are suitable as seating , and some are small enough to be placed in a small back sack or satchel. Depending on which style of fishing you are into may affect the choice of fishing tackle bag or box you choose to buy.

Coarse fishing

Coarse fishing tackle bags are intended for carp and pike fishing and other similar sized catch. The bags are usually large with many fully zipped side pockets for all your floats, reels, and lure. The compartments are usually fastened via zips or Velcro. Many brands will have reinforced bottoms and are made of treated polyester to keep your equipment protected from wet conditions.

Coarse fishing tackle bags will usually have a main compartment large enough to hold a whole tackle box with some inner pockets are insulated in order to store food. Many coarse fishing bags are square and angular and are compatible with fishing trolleys and barrows.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing tackle bags are usually smaller than coarse fishing bags and some are small enough to be worn on the back like a rucksack. Fly fishing bags have several pockets for baits, lines and spools, but do not usually have the large square centre cavity that you would find in a coarse fishing bag, since fly fishing usually requires a smaller tackle box. Most fly fishing bags are made from treated polyester to make them either waterproof or water resistant. Some bags are even as small as satchels and some look more like holdalls.

Saltwater fishing

Saltwater fishing tackle bags are usually large and many can be converted into a seat. This is useful for longer fishing sessions, and the seat can be used for storage of bulky tackle boxes, reels and bait.

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