Fit Over Glasses

Protect Your Eyes With Fit Over Glasses

Anyone who regularly wears prescription glasses will have experienced the frustration of needing sun protection, but only having their standard glasses to hand. An affordable way to be prepared for all environments is to stash several pairs of fit over glasses in places where you might need them. No matter the style you prefer, eBay will have a pair of fit over sunglasses to suit.

How do fit over glasses work?

Designed to accommodate your usual prescription glasses, fit over glasses are slightly wider in the head and deeper in the arm to allow for a comfortable seating. With a wide variety of styles available, you will be able to slide them over most reading glasses, driving glasses, and those worn all day by people who are short sighted.

Are fit over sunglasses suitable for sports?

Yes, some styles of fit over sunglasses will suit strenuous activity. Although it is recommended, as with non-prescription sports sunglasses, that you attach a support band to the arms to keep them secure. Some activities might include, hiking, hunting, fishing, biking, skiing, and for a day of golfing on the links.

What types of fit over glasses are there?

Often offering a reduction in glare as well as sun protection, fit over glasses can be found with the following features:

  • Polarised lenses: These typically wrap around the head to offer sun protection from every angle. Suitable for sports and activities like baseball and cricket, they offer complete protection from both UVA and UVB rays to keep your eyes safe from harm.
  • Anti-glare lenses: Designed to reduce the glare experienced when driving, these types of frames can also be worn without prescription glasses if the wearer has contact lenses in.
  • Half rim/semi rimmed: A fashionable option for those with slimmer prescription glasses frames, these fit over sun glasses also offer clarity of vision without distorting colour or shape.
  • Lens colour: Usually available in yellow, grey and deep black for full visual clarity, lenses are also produced in a paler brown tints for a more fashionable look. Not as common, but with significant benefits in reducing eye strain, are blue tinted lenses in either wrap-around or semi-rimmed frame styles.
What are fit over glasses made from?

The key material used in constructing these types of glasses is plastic, both for the frames and the lenses. This allows some flexibility in fit and makes them more robust should they be dropped. Always check the manufacturers site for clarification on dimensions, materials, and UVA/UVB protections before purchase.