Fitness Resistance Bands & Expanders

Fitness Resistance Bands & Expanders

An essential piece of kit for any fitness fan, resistance bands are a versatile addition. Great for keeping up your fitness routine at home as well as in the gym, you can find a fitness resistance band to suit a range of uses. As well as shopping by a band type, you may want to consider colour and strength. Strength, in particular, is important if you want to get the most from your band. The wrong level of resistance will hinder rather than help your training.

Resistance Bands and Tubes

Searching new and used products is the best way to find the right product for the best price for any type of resistance band. Resistance bands and tubes can be used during almost any kind of resistance training, including sports like yoga and Pilates.

They are generally affordable to buy and they are nice and easy to slot into your gym bag. Example products include sets of exercise loop bands with varying levels of resistance to those designed for assisted pull ups and powerlifting.

Gymnastic Bands

If youre doing gymnastics or something like ballet, its best to look for bands that are specifically intended for those kinds of activities. Youll find that they may be stretchier, enabling you to do bigger movements with control.

Typical products include bands for ballet, dance and rhythmic training. Or, bands made for gymnastic training, Pilates and stretch fitness.

Chest Expanders

Chest expanders are another type of resistance band specially made for chest expanding exercises. They usually have handles on each end so you can grip the band securely while working out.

To give you some idea of the products out there, you can find a spring adjustable expanders designed to increase your strength and heavy duty power twister varieties.

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