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Fitness Resistance Chest Expanders

Whether you are looking to tone up or simply stay in shape, fitness resistance chest expanders are a versatile piece of fitness equipment that you can use anywhere, at any time.

Different types of chest expanders

The most common chest expander comprises of two handles, which are linked together with a series of long springs. You extend your arms to expand the springs and this works several upper body muscle groups.

Modern chest expanders are available with either metal springs or high resistance rubber bands. Each type has its advantages and it is down to personal preference which you choose.

Metal spring expanders are strong and durable. The use of metal springs adds considerable weight to the item, which can add to the effectiveness of the workout.

Fitness resistance rubber band contractors are lightweight and can also be used for a number of different arm and leg exercises. This versatility means that you can exercise many muscle groups at the same time using a single piece of fitness equipment .

Made to last, easy to maintain

Body sculpture resistance expanders are built to be strong and durable. The springs or rubber can take regular usage without losing their level of resistance. They are easy to maintain too, by simply wiping the expanders clean with general household products.

They are an easy item of fitness equipment to store due to their small size, making it a great piece of kit for those low on space.

As well as the classic style chest expander, there are also chest resistance bars and twist bars. These resistance bars work in a similar way, but the resistance mechanism is housed within a durable bar. Twist bars provide a slightly different workout to a regular chest expander and are worth considering when looking for resistance chest expanders.

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