Sleep Restfully in Fixed-Bed Campers, Caravans, and Motorhomes

You want a comfortable place to sleep while roaming about the countryside in your motorhome, which is one reason many people use a motorhome for camping trips instead of tents. Luckily, you can find all types of caravans that have multiple fixed-bed configurations. Finding inexpensive, pre-owned fixed-bed motorhomes for sale on eBay will provide you with an affordable and comfortable ride on all your journeys.

Types of fixed bed motorhomes available on eBay

Almost any type of motorhome, campervan, or towable caravan can have some type of fixed beds installed. The only type of camper that would be difficult to have a fixed bed installed in is a foldable caravan; these campers are small and usually have folding berths.

Do motorhome fixed beds come in different sizes?

While motorhomes with fixed beds can offer beds of any size, most often the fixed beds in touring caravans are either twin or double sizes. This is a good compromise between the need for a sleeping space and a storage space in a motorhome.

Motorhome styles of fixed beds

Fixed beds are a great way to have convenient sleeping berths in a motorhome that do not have to be made up every single day. A fixed-bed motorhome comes in different styles, including:

  • Transverse - A transverse bed is a double bed transversely positioned across the motorhome at the very rear past the washroom, which means more room in the rest of the caravan. It also means the bed occupants will only be able to exit the bed from one side. A motorhome with a fixed bed at the rear configurations has more free cargo space than similarly sized caravans with other bed configurations.
  • French - A French bed is a rear double bed that is positioned lengthwise and against the sidewall, usually with a washroom placed alongside.
  • Island bed - These beds are islands unto themselves. They have storage underneath and can be accessed from either side. These beds are often in the rear of the motorhome and are behind the washroom.
  • Twin beds - You can have twin beds positioned along opposite sides of the motorhome. These beds are usually raised for more storage space and are often used in tandem with other types of fixed beds.
  • Bunk beds - Bunk beds are great for families with older children. They can be either double or twin beds. These bunk beds can also be used as storage places when they are not used for sleeping. Bunk beds are often paired with other bed styles.
  • Above-the-cab beds - For Class A and C motorhomes, this is an ideal way to utilise the space above the driving cab. This will essentially add two more berths to the motorhome.