Flight Cases for Vinyl Records

Safeguard Your Vinyl Collection with a Record Flight Case

To travel long distances with your entire vinyl collection or selected records, use a record flight case. Stylish options on eBay keep your investment safe from anything that could affect the quality of the recording, while ensuring that you can quickly find the albums you need.

How many records will a flight case hold?

The amount of records that can be safely stored in a case varies, and many stylish aluminium options on eBay will hold 50 of your 12" vinyl records, ensuring that you have a wide selection available for any event. Internal padding is provided, with the outside of several cases made of tough materials like aluminium, while chrome-plated steel corners offer strength at areas which are prone to impact, so you know your records will arrive in one piece. Padded carry handles make it easy to lift or pull the cases, while lockable lids protect your investment from unauthorised borrowing.

What protective features are available on flight cases?

Flight cases are made to suit records of specific sizes, ensuring that each one fits snugly, and preventing scratches which affect sound quality. Your 7-inch vinyl records can be packed in stacks of up to 100, with each row and column having reinforcements. Riveted aluminium profiling is sometimes used at each edge to provide security against force, while special padding is used to line the inside, so your records stay secure. A record flight case provides travelling DJs with the following benefits:

  • A removable lid makes it easy to lift out multiple records in one go.
  • Surface mounted fittings keep the contents of each case secure, while displaying your style.
  • Black ABS material is tough, and easily blends with the decor at events.
Are all flight cases ATA rated?

Vendors on eBay who provide road cases that meet the ATA standards will indicate that, giving you peace of mind while you make your selection. Such a flight case is safe for shipping fragile albums, and the container is specifically built for protecting your musical instruments and motion picture equipment. ATA Specification 300 determines how flight cases are constructed to protect your valuables, while minimising the weight and volume you have to carry on long journeys. eBay offers several ATA flight cases which meet the high standards of Category I, ensuring that you enjoy a service life of at least 100 round trips.