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Everything You Need To Know Before You Get Hanging Basket Flowers

Are you looking for a practical and maintenance-free way to adorn your space with flowers? Perhaps you need a floral arrangement that you can use in a spot where live plants are hard to grow. You will be happy to know that eBay has a myriad of choices of inexpensive hanging basket flowers, and here is what you need to know before you make your final purchase.

Which materials are hanging basket flowers made from?

Plastic, silk, and paper are commonly used to make hanging basket flowers. You can find flowers that are made of glass, metal, or ceramic, but these types of materials are not as common. Hanging baskets that are aesthetically pleasing tend to balance flower and basket materials with the context in which the planter will be used. Silk, paper, glass, and ceramic flowers are good choices for indoor use. Planters that are made of metal, ceramic, or concrete are particularly suited for outdoor use. The following list summarises effective combinations, but you might want to experiment with various arrangements to find the one that is ideal for your situation:

  • Silk flowers with ceramic or glass planter
  • Paper flowers with ceramic or glass planter
  • Plastic flowers with metal or ceramic planter
  • Metal flowers with metal or ceramic planter
  • Glass or ceramic flowers with ceramic planter
Which styles of hanging baskets are available?

Available presentations include brackets and traditional picture style wall mounting. There are also baskets that can be suspended from brackets and mounted on a window ledge. Most styles are available in several different materials that include concrete, glass, metal, plastic, wicker, rattan, ceramic, pottery, resin, terracotta, and wood. You can choose from round, rectangular, oval, and square basket shapes. Combine the type of mounting, material, and shape to get a nearly endless combination of hanging baskets to fit your environment and occasion.

Are any hanging baskets available in refurbished or used condition?

You can get a used or refurbished hanging basket, although you might have fewer choices of styles and materials than you would if purchasing a new basket. Getting a used item, however, might be the way to acquire a basket that is made in an older style or with materials that are no longer used in typical construction. Refurbished and used baskets provide additional choices, allowing you to access less common items that you can use to create a customised look in your decor.

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