Flower & Plant Troughs

Organise and Display Your Flowers or Plants With a Trough

Garden troughs and planters can be a great way to organise your favourite flowers and set up themes throughout your plot. They can also be helpful tools for keeping any indoor spaces clean while displaying plants. You can find a huge selection of low-priced troughs and planters on eBay.

What materials can you choose for your garden trough?

Manufacturers use several basic materials in their planters and garden troughs. You may wish to choose a trough based on its appearance, the properties of the material, or the one that suits your particular garden setup. eBay can help you find the items you want thanks to its helpful categories. Some of the most common materials you will discover are:

  • Stone - Stone garden troughs are heavy yet durable. You can find planters that use different types of stone for unique looks. Some may have decorative scrollwork around the edges.
  • Plastic - Plastic garden troughs are available on eBay in a variety of colours and styles. You can choose from your favourite colours for a lightweight yet durable answer to flower organisation.
  • Wood - Wooden garden troughs can provide your plot with an understated, natural look. These troughs may be available in various wood types or include different finishes.
Can you choose a shape for your garden trough?

eBay offers garden troughs in various shapes to suit different needs or tastes. You may wish to choose a particular shape for your flower planters based on the available space in your plot or the aesthetic appeal the shape offers to you. You can purchase most planter shapes in a variety of materials to suit your needs. Some common shapes you will discover include ovals, rectangles, circles, or squares. Note that in some cases, you can purchase one of these plants on legs. Legs or a tripod stand for your trough may be a good choice for smaller plants and make it easier for you to care for them.

Are preowned garden troughs available?

Youll find an array of both new and used troughs on eBay. A preowned trough can be an effective and affordable way to get the type of garden planter you want. Note that a used trough should function as intended, but it may feature slight cosmetic differences from the new ones. These differences do not affect its performance as a plant holder. You may find refurbished troughs that are restored to look like new ones.