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Fly Fishing Rods

Any keen fly fisher will tell you that the type of rod youll need will depend on a few factors. One is the type of fish youre trying to catch, another is the type of water youll be fishing in. There are hundreds of styles of rod out there that take these two big factors, as well as a multitude of others, into account. So, its worth knowing what youll be using yours for before you start shopping.

To help you search for the best rod at the best price, you can also consider looking at new and used rods and seeing what you can find within your budget.

Rod Composition

One of the ways to narrow your search to the right rod is to look at its composition. Two broad categories include multi-piece rods and telescopic rods. Both give you the flexibility to pack your fly fishing rod up to a manageable size while your travel. Popular products include lightweight carbon fibre fly fishing rods and graphite rods.

Rod Action

Another important thing to weigh up is the rod action. This is basically describing how much your fishing rod will bend and this will dictate what kind of fish you can catch.

You can find anything from slower through-action rods which bend all the way from tip to handle or at the other end of the scale, fast, tip action roads that just bend at the tip.

Rod Length

Checking out a guide to which rod length youll need is essentials before purchasing a new rod. Different lengths are ideal for catching specific species of fish and will work differently in various types of water.

There are longer rod lengths, commonly going up to 150" and beyond, and shorter varieties at around 2.40 metres at the lowest.

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