Fly Reel Fishing Reels

Fly Fishing Reels

Fly fishing can be done in freshwater or saltwater and is a relaxed type of angling that goes far beyond the catch itself. Fly fishing provides a great day out for the whole family and can be enjoyed as part of a camping trip or holiday. To fly fish youll need artificial flies, a fly rod, weighted line and a reel.

There are thousands of new and used reels to choose from made by popular brands including Greys, Snowbee, Redington, Lureflash, Hardy, Shakespeare, Galvan, Leeda, SAGE and Scierra.

Choosing Your Fly Fishing Reel

Youll find fly fishing reels created for anglers of different dexterities; left-handed, right-handed or both. This will denote which hand winds the reel and which hand is used to cast the line and control the rod. Youll find reels in a variety of colours with classic colours including black, silver and grey. Brighter options include red, yellow and blue.

Some reels are designed with specific fish types in mind; you can opt for freshwater and saltwater reels. You can even narrow it down to the species with reels specially created for salmon or trout. This is determined by the line weight your wheel can support. Weights from 1-3 are well suited for catching smaller fish, while weights of 9 and above made for catching larger fish, such as salmon.

If youre new to fly fishing or want to save time when youre casting, its possible to find a selection of reels that are preloaded with fly line. Alternatively, you can put the line and reels separately and prepare them yourself with relative ease. Depending on the style of fly fishing reel you choose, it may be possible to opt for a set so youll always have a spare to hand.