Fly Screens

Score a Win Against Insects With a No-Fuss Fly Screen

When it’s a beautiful day outside, you want to throw open the windows and doors and let in the fresh air. What you don’t want is to also let in every fly, mosquito, midge, and wasp that happens to be buzzing by. You can let air in and keep insects out with inexpensive fly screen doors and windows.

New fly screen options for doors

There are three basic types of barriers that you can use to keep insects from coming through an open door. They are the following:

  • Magnetic fly screens - Magnetic screens are polyester mesh panels. They attach to the door frame with hook-and-loop tape and meet in the centre with magnetic strips. You simply push them apart when you wish to exit, and they snap closed behind you. You have several style choices for magnetic fly screen doors. They come in different colours, like black, pink, and beige, or with stripes or decorative scenes. Some options have a lacy valance across the top.
  • Plastic strip fly curtains - If you’ve ever been in a restaurant kitchen, you’re familiar with the plastic strips that hang across the doorways of the walk-in coolers. A plastic fly curtain is a smaller, more decorative version. This attractive fly curtain hangs from a rod above the door, and you push the strips aside to enter or exit. You may choose your favourite from a selection of striped patterns.
  • String fly curtains - If you’ve always liked beaded room dividers, this is the option for you. It’s a fashionable door fly curtain that relies on a thick panel of hanging threads to keep insects out. String curtains may be beaded, and they’re available in colours to coordinate with your home. They’re the most expensive new door fly curtain.
What is available for window fly screens?

If you want an inexpensive window fly screen, you might like a polyester mesh screen. These products attach to all four sides of the window frame with hook-and-loop tape. You can easily pull them up to open or close the window, then press them back into place.

What accessories do you need to buy with screens?

A few extra pieces are needed to use fly screens. The string and plastic fly curtains hang from a standard curtain rod. The hook-and-loop tape for the door and window screens is self-adhesive but not always included. Magnets may be sewn in, making the loop tape unnecessary.