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Fly Tying Materials

Fly Tying Materials

Fly tying material brands include Kamasan, Wapsi, Partridge, Veniard and Whiting. Fly fishing is unlike any other type of fishing, yet the reward can be worth the wait. When you go fly fishing, the species of fish you can catch include trout, pike, bass, carp and even grayling. Fly fishing is suited to both beginners and experts and it is more than possible to customise your rod to meet your requirements.


Twine is a very popular material when it comes to fly tying. It is strong, durable, waterproof and it isnt hard to unknot. Twine is very adaptable and it is suited to nearly every type of fly lure on the market. When using twine, a lot of fishermen choose to knot the lure as well as the reel before tying the third knot to attach the two together. This helps to ensure that the lure is properly connected.

Flexi Floss

Flexi Floss is very easy to bend and wrap around a lure. They are available in a huge range of colours and you will also find that they can be used for apps and even daddy legs as well. Flexi floss is much stiffer when compared to twine and it looks a lot like wire.


Thread is another popular option. It is small enough to fit into a fishing lure box and it is also ideal because it is available in different colours. It can be snapped without any cutting equipment and it is suitable for use with feathers and beads. Fishing thread is much stronger when compared to normal thread and it is not weakened when it is wet either.

Fishing is a great sport and it can give you the chance to capture fish that you never knew existed, while also giving you a huge sense of confidence and self-esteem when that big catch comes in.

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