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Fob and Nurse Watches

Practical, hygienic and stylish, fob and nurse watches suit a range of professionals where knowledge of the time is critical, yet there are health, hygiene and safety implications that prevent you from wearing a wristwatch. Fob and nurse watches can be attached to your clothing, commonly the edge of a pocket, using a clasp or through a buttonhole. There is a huge selection of fob and nurse watches available to suit your needs, from stainless steel ones to fob watches with eye-catching designs.

Silver Fob Watches

For a quality fob watch that lasts, a genuine silver watch is ideal. While silver may be a more expensive material, it gives the watch strength and durability as well as a classic style that wont go out of fashion. Silver fob watches make a great gift and are easy to clean and maintain too, meaning they wont lose their silver sheen.

Silicone Fob Watches

Durable and shock-absorbing, silicone and rubber fob watches make an excellent choice as a cheap and practical option. Designed to protect the clock from everyday wear and tear and avoid damage from scratches, silicone watches offers a lightweight solution that is perfect for those who are always on the move.

Plastic Fob Watches

As a fob watch is clipped onto your clothing, you need the fob and nurse watch to be lightweight so that it doesnt pull. With this in mind, a plastic fob watch is incredibly practical as it is light and wont cause damage. Plastic fob watches tend to be a cheaper option too, which makes them an even more practical choice.

Silver Plated Fob Watches

For a cheaper alternative to a solid silver nurse watch, a silver-plated fob will still have the design, beauty and colour of a silver watch but is generally more affordable. Silver-plated watches can be cleaned in the same way as silver watches and will still be robust and resistant to wear and tear.

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