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Football Shin Pads

Whether you're looking for a pair of football shin pads for men or women or even shin pads for children , the range is extensive and includes everything from slip in pads to those that are secured in a sleeve and even shin pads that have extra ankle support, which are particularly good if you've had a previous injury or want a bit of extra support.

With so many brands, styles and colours on offer you'll be spoilt for choice. Why not buy a pair of shin pads that are inspired by your favourite team for practice or a kick about with friends? Choose from the leading brands if you're looking for shin pads for your next big match. From professional to amateur styles, you'll find it all.

The range of football shinpads

There are many styles and types of shin pad which include different features that can be ideal for added comfort or just personal preference.

Some considerations when buying a new pair of football shin pads are purely practical. Consider the budget you have available to spend, as whilst shin pads are a relatively inexpensive addition to your football kit some brands and designs can carry a much higher price tag than others.

Another practical thing to think about for your next pair of shin pads is size. Contrary to popular belief they are not a one size fits all item so it is worth having your measurements to hand so you can carry out a quick check before choosing.

The next and final consideration before simple aesthetics is what style and type of shin pad you'd like. Each one has features and benefits and whilst you may not be spending a fortune it's worth making sure you choose the best ones for you. Ankle protectors are popular with many for that bit of extra security in case of an accident or even a slip or trip, but some dislike the bulky nature of shin pads with ankle protectors .

Slip on football shin pads are the most basic style and simply slip into your football socks . Many players prefer their simplicity and ease of use and may even choose to tape them on if they want to be sure they'll stay in place or have worried about them being dislodged during the game.

The last option is to choose a happy medium between these two styles - a pair of shin pads which can be secured using a sleeve.

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