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Complete Your Collection With Rare Football Tickets

Whether you follow a particular team, or have a broader scope of interest, browse the listings on eBay to fill a gap in your rare football ticket collection. With a broad range of vintages, price points, and clubs available, you can find just what you need when you use eBay's handy Buying Tools to search for a specific stub.

How do you identify collectable football tickets?

Important or significant matches have the best value, with some numbers - 100s - being more highly prized than others. A ticket for the 1966 World Cup will be highly valued by someone who was there or who is a fan, while a run of tickets has what might be called cumulative value. Uruguay's run from the opening rounds, for example, went all the way to the final of the World Cup in 1950. Each ticket has value added by age, while the run shows the full gamut of games to glory as winners.

Maintaining and caring for rare football ticket stubs

Any paper collectable should be kept moderately dry and in a neutral temperature, preferably pressed flat in an album or press. Rare or fragile papers should be stored in lightproof wallets, or under protective sheets of acid-free paper. Avoid glueing or sticking your tickets in place as this can damage or devalue them.

Buying old football tickets for gifts

Collectors choose their football tickets for a number of reasons. Gifting a ticket to a loved one has many of the same influencing factors. These might include:

  • Good memories: Attending a match with a loved one, for the first or last time, can evoke wonderful memories. Gifting a ticket for that match can be a lovely way to celebrate a special occasion.
  • Significant matches: Spotting Man Utd v Liverpool Europa League tickets is a boon for a collector. While being a supporter of either of those clubs would make the tickets tempting, owning the tickets that represent a moment in time when the United Kingdom was first and second against the best of European football is more of a draw.
  • Cash value: Knowing that there is a market for certain football ticket stubs can be enough of a reason to buy. Man Utd vs Reading FA Cup tickets or Man City v Celtic Hospitality stubs, for example, are frequently sought after.
How are club ticket stubs categorised?

Although generally filtered in decades, vintage ticket stubs for sale will be listed together in a 'pre-1950' category. You can also find old football tickets for sale via one team name, so search for Arsenal, Liverpool, Rangers, or West Ham United to see stubs from matches that they have played in.

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