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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Ford Car Badges, Decals, and Emblems

You drive a Ford car, and perhaps its old Ford gel badges have faded, fallen off, or started to peel. You can replace them with affordable Ford badge overlays in order to restore the aesthetics to your vehicle. On eBay, you can choose from many different sizes, styles, and colours of inexpensive Ford gel overlays for your car.

What are some features of affordable Ford gel badges?

The features of the Ford badge overlays are:

  • Adhesive: Some of the Ford gel badges have an adhesive or magnetic strip while others use static electricity in order to cling to the vehicle's body.
  • Tattoo: Some of the Ford gel overlays function as a tattoo with a removable paper backing for placement on the vehicle.
  • Reflective: The cheap Ford gel badges may have reflective properties.
  • Water-resistant: The Ford badge overlay stays in place in wet conditions.
  • Fade-resistant: Coloured Ford badges resist fading in sunlight.
When to choose a used Ford badge overlay

There are many times to choose pre-owned Ford gel overlays, such as if you want a different colour of Focus ST badge overlays. You might want a different style for your car, such as a pre-owned black Ford logo overlay at an affordable price. If you replaced your mud flaps or other parts, you might want to get used Ford badge overlays to put on the aftermarket replacement parts.

What are the themes of the Ford badge overlays in the UK?

The available themes of the cool Ford gel badges include:

  • Emblems: There are S-line and R-line emblems available.
  • Sports: Choose Motocross, racing stripes, viper stripes, or rings.
  • National: You might want a national theme or flag.
  • Fantasy: Some options include pin-up girls, skull and crossbones, and Minions.
  • People: Choose a name, disabled badge, or family theme.
How do you choose the right Ford gel overlays?

When you're shopping for a pre-owned Ford badge overlay or custom Ford badges in the UK, consider their:

  • Vehicle placement: There are stylish Ford gel badges for the front, back, top, left side, and right side of the car.
  • Brand: Select from options such as Ford, 3M, Pi, or Champion.
  • Colour: There are black, white, and solid colours available. You could also choose a multicoloured design.
  • Finish: Select glossy, matte, metallic, or carbon fibre texture.
  • Model: Choose Ford Focus ST badge overlays or badges for a different model of Ford vehicle.
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