Recreate a Great Motoring Era in a Classic Ford Cortina

The Ford Cortina has a heritage of sporting success that's known all over the world, as well as a tremendous following among drivers of all ages. You can find a wide variety of affordable Cortina cars on eBay, so take a look through the available listings and get ready for driving enjoyment.

What to look out for when purchasing a Ford Cortina

Whether you want a recent estate or the ideal Mk1 Cortina, eBay will help you find the one you want as you browse its wide range of inexpensive cars. Later models tend to be more powerful and economical, but like all generations of Cortina, they can suffer from rust, so look at areas like door sills and wings. Look carefully at photos in the eBay listing. It's also important to check the state of the interior trim, as well as reading the description carefully for details of transmission and engine issues.

Does the Ford Cortina Mark number have significance?

The Ford Cortina was in production for over 20 years, and it went through significant changes over that period. The main groups you'll see when looking at a Cortina are divided by Mark numbers, which usually use numerals from 1 to 5 or their Roman equivalents, I to V. Here's a quick summary:

  • Mark 1: Protruding, rounded wings with integral headlights. A Mark 1 Cortina should have a full service history.
  • Mark 2: Headlights are integrated into the front, and the car's suspension is a little softer.
  • Mark 3: If you see this era of Ford Cortina, you will notice the influence of American design in its longer wheelbase.
  • Mark 4: A much squarer, boxier look, with rectangular headlights and the first Mark 5: Ghia-trimmed models.
  • Mark 5: Similar to the Mark 4, but with slightly sleeker styling and more economical engines.

Trim levels of the Ford Cortina

Since it was in production for so long, there are numerous trim levels. A Ford Cortina on eBay may be designated as one of the following.

  • L: This is usually the standard, so expect vinyl or velour seats and a simply furnished interior.
  • GL: These cars may have more chrome in the trim, or slightly more powerful engines.
  • Ghia: Usually the top of the range, with features like alloy wheels, more luxurious seats, or bigger engines.

Is the Ford Cortina Lotus considered a vintage model?

Yes. The Lotus was a sporty version produced until 1970, with a distinctive white and green colour scheme. It is among the many Ford vintages available on eBay.