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Personalise Your Ford Fiesta With Your Favourite Stickers and Decals

You may be one of the many people who enjoy giving their vehicles a personal touch. Paints and wraps are a couple of pricey ways to make your Ford Fiesta stand out, but one relatively inexpensive way to do this is by using decals or stickers. A wide variety of Ford Fiesta and Ford Fiesta ST stickers and decals are available on eBay.

Types of exterior Ford Fiesta decals

There are many different types of Fiesta ST decals on eBay. You won't usually find used decals, as these items normally only stick once. You may find unused items that were previously owned, but in general, you will find mostly new decals on eBay. Here are the types you will see listed.

  • Stickers: Ford Fiesta stickers come in many shapes, sizes, and colours. You can customise a sticker if you don't see one you like. Exterior stickers are often made of vinyl. They are easy to apply, and a good quality sticker is designed to last about eight years.
  • Decals: A decal is a type of sticker, but it doesn't normally last as long. The average life of a Ford Fiesta decal is about three years. Most decals are more opaque than stickers.
  • Gel inlays: A gel inlay is typically used to display just a couple of letters identifying your car's model, such as 'Fiesta ST' gel inlays. The letters ST are made with a special gel-like substance that makes it 3D. Foam tape is generally used as the adhesive.
Are sunstrips legal?

A Ford Fiesta sunstrip is a handy addition to your vehicle, as it blocks sunlight that you can't block with your visor. A sunstrip is essentially tinting of your window, although you can also find stickers and decals that function as sunstrips. If you take your car to the shop to have these applied, the mechanics should know what the current requirements are. If you are installing a sunstrip yourself, you may want to check the MOT website to make sure it meets the legal requirements.

What kinds of Fiesta ST stickers are available?

If you are looking to personalise your car with decals, stickers, or emblems, you can find whatever you desire on eBay. From the Ford logo to various animals, flags, and flame designs, there are many choices for your Fiesta. Keep in mind that some of the makers of Ford Fiesta decals will also customise any of their existing products for you.

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