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Add a Sporty Look to Your Ride With a Ford Fiesta Spoiler

A Ford Fiesta spoiler gives your car a sportier-looking profile while enhancing its handling. An incorrectly designed, poorly fitted, or improper spoiler may degrade handling, so you must buy the right spoiler for your model of car. Choose from a wide range of new and used spoilers at eBay, including the Ford Fiesta ST spoiler.

Improve the looks of your Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta has become one of the car giant's leading sellers. It comes with a variety of engine sizes and various trims. Some models include a stock spoiler, which can be replaced or can be swapped out for upgraded or different models. One of the primary benefits of a spoiler on a hot hatch is that it improves the sporty looks of the vehicle. The other benefits of a spoiler include:

  • Reduced drag.
  • Potential improvement in fuel efficiency.
  • Reduced lift.
Does it matter which spoiler you buy?

Buying the right spoiler means easy installation. Replacing a Ford Fiesta Mk6 spoiler with an upgraded version for the same car should be straightforward, limited to unscrewing the old spoiler and screwing the new one in place. Nonetheless, many spoilers use a similar design, so it might be possible to fit a spoiler from a different model. Always check manufacturer instructions before trying this. Additionally, if you want your bumper colour to match that of your car, ensure that you buy a spoiler with the exact colour and shade.

Is it easy to fit a spoiler?

Fitting a new spoiler is usually an easy process and one that many car owners undertake themselves. First, unscrew and remove the old spoiler. If you have bought an exact replacement or an upgraded model, you should be able to screw in the new spoiler using the guide holes. Each Ford Fiesta spoiler may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions. Spoilers are designed to be easy to fit, but if you are in any doubt, you can use a local mechanic or garage to do the work for you. A mechanic who is experienced with Ford models will have the right tools.

Improve the handling of your hot hatch with an Mk7 Fiesta spoiler

Track days offer an opportunity to test the limits of a car and the driver in a controlled and safe environment. Fitting a Ford Fiesta Mk7 spoiler to your car means that it will look the part. The extra drag that it offers at high-speed bends means that you should also be able to shave valuable seconds off your lap time.