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Ford Fiesta Wings and Rear Panels for Sale: Get Back on the Road

Can I repair my own car?

Yes. Replacing a fender or a wing on a vehicle is much easier than it used to be when cars were carefully constructed, designed to last and to stay in one piece no matter what. Today, modern cars are designed to crumple on contact, keeping both drivers and unwary pedestrians safer. This has led to a good market for spare wings, fenders and other parts, most of which snap into place quite easily. Therefore, you should be able to effect a Ford Fiesta MK8 front wing removal, or undertake a repair to a Fiesta ST wing without too much stress, assuming you are good with your hands and understand how pieces fit together. This can be quicker and cheaper than taking it to a mechanic, who will want to make a profit on the part, as well as charging a sizeable hourly rate for labour.

What are the differences between Ford Fiesta MK7 wing and an MK6 Fiesta wing?

Choosing which replacement Ford Fiesta rear quarter panel or wing you need is quite easy to do. Each different number refers to a different model of Ford Fiesta, with the older models having lower numbers. For example, an MK6 Fiesta wing will fit onto a vehicle produced between 2002 and 2008, while a Ford Fiesta MK7 wing is for a 2008 to 2013 model.

Buyer's guide for Ford Fiesta wing parts

Ford Fiestas are one of the most popular vehicles, and the brand has stood the test of time, with almost everyone having driven or been driven in one at some point in your life. Be sure to pay attention to the MK number of your vehicle when sourcing spare parts. You should make sure you get the right parts for your vehicle because each improvement on the model was slightly different to the previous one: sleeker design, lower profile, subtle but noticeable design differences that will mean that the wrong part will either not fit at all, or it will fit badly, giving your vehicle an awkward lumpy appearance.

Reasons why DIY is the way to go

If you are wondering whether to try replacing your Fiesta wing, the following information should help:

  • Money: While a competent mechanic can certainly fit your Ford Fiesta wing or rear quarter panel for you, it will incur a fairly high cost that is unlikely to be fully covered by insurance.
  • Learning Curve: Doing it yourself can help you understand a little about how your car was manufactured.
  • Atonement: Working on restoring your vehicle can also help to assuage any guilt that you might feel over the cause of the damage, a little bit of psychological therapy that can save you money as well as giving you something to work on. Having an immaculate car once again at the end of the process is simply another advantage.