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Freshen the Look of Your Ford With Ford Focus Wings

Car body panels take a beating on the road, especially the part of the bodywork that covers the wheels. Collisions may also damage your bumper, front wings, and rear wings, making it necessary to find a used or new replacement. You can revamp the look of your Ford with Ford Focus wings listed on eBay.

Do you need a quarter panel or front wings?

A quarter panel is the exterior section of your Ford Focus between the rear door and the trunk wrapping around the wheel well. It is also known as the rear wing. The front wings take the same position at the front of the car. The other differences between the two Ford Focus body panels are:

  • Structure: The Ford Focus front wing is bolted to the structure of the vehicle while the rear wing is a part of the main structure.
  • Removal: Ford Focus front wing removal is straightforward, requiring only the removal of the bolts. The quarter panels' replacement involves cutting away the damaged part and welding the new one. Since each Ford focus front wing replacement is different, check the manufacturer's site for details.
  • Frequency of replacement: Car owners find it easy and economical to replace the front wings than the rear ones. The quarter panels are often panel-beaten and repainted unless they are extremely damaged.
The material used in making Ford Focus Wings

The standard material used in making quarter panels and front wings is sheet metal. However, the development of automotive material technology has seen an increased use of other materials. They include fibre-reinforced plastic, carbon-fibre, and fibreglass. It is essential to buy wings of the same material as the structure of your Ford Focus.

Can you find Ford Focus 2006 front wings on eBay?

Yes. You can find used or new wings for your 2006 Ford Focus on eBay. The listings feature factory-made as well as OEM options. Besides the year, the Ford Focus wings on eBay differ based on:

  • Colour: You can find different colours such as blue, silver, white, and black, among others.
  • The side of the car: Left and right front wings.
  • Installation: Some wings fit perfectly, while others need additional adjustment.
Should you purchase a spoiler lip wing riser raiser kit?

A wing riser raiser kit is a wonderful add-on if you wish to give your Ford Focus RS a more angled and aggressive look. Lifting the rear wing also redirects air-travel down and across the glass, consequently clearing the rear window of your car from rain and dust.