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Ford Mondeo brake discs for safe braking

Put simply, the purpose of brake discs is to slow down or stop your car quickly and safely. Most cars today have these discs on the front wheels only, although some have them at the back too. When you press the brake pedal, the brake pads put pressure on the brake disc which then creates friction. Brake discs eventually wear down and become dangerous to use so you need to replace them if they're less than the minimum legal thickness. They will also need changing if they are warped, unevenly worn or heavily scored. Replacement should be done in pairs and new pads fitted at the same time.

You'll find a range of Ford brake discs to get your Mondeo back in full working condition, right here on eBay.

Eicher Premium Mondeo brake discs

Excellent quality and super long-lasting, the Eicher Premium range of brake discs come with an extended 24 month or 24,000-mile warranty when fitted with Eicher Premium pads at the same time. The whole range of Eicher Premium Pads and discs are fully compliant with R90 regulations so there's no compromise on quality or safety.

Brembo Premium Mondeo brake discs

Brembo brake discs are another popular choice. The brand's high-performance brake discs appeal particularly to anyone with sportier style Mondeos and racing enthusiasts. Not only do they offer the ultimate in safety, but they're aesthetically pleasing too.

Black Diamond performance brake discs

Launched in 1992, Black Diamond brake discs have grown massively in popularity, particularly for owners of RS and ST Mondeo models. Following extensive testing in 1995, Black Diamond brake discs were deemed the best quality of all the other major brands, thanks to their phenomenal design, performance and endurance.

Styles available include Black Diamond 8 Groove Discs, Black Diamond Combi Discs, Black Diamond 12 Groove Discs and Black Diamond Drilled Discs.