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Friday the 13th Action Figures

The Friday the 13th franchise has been hugely successful, with movies, TV series, spin-offs, comics, video games and merchandise, allproduced over several decades. The twelve films to date, variously categorised into genres such as horror, thriller and slasher were released over a period of 29 years from 1980 - 2009. Friday the 13th action figures are a range of scale figures, based on the franchise, many of which are highly collectable and sought after.

There are various figures available, one of which is the popular Jason action figure, each featuring a different iconic look, outfit and mask, and based on one of the many film, game, or other incarnations of the character. These include several different Jason figures wearing the famous hockey mask , with one figure even having a removable hockey mask which glows in the dark, for a particularly frightening night-time look! There are also figures with other variations on the mask, both pre and post the introduction in the films of the hockey mask as well as those wearing all kinds of clothes, ranging from clean and crisp outfits, to tattered rags, with holes and patches of blood.

Action figure manufacturers and accessories

There are highly collectable Friday the 13th action figures available from various well respected and trusted action figure manufacturers. These companies have made figures so realistic and detailed that it really brings the character to life and makes for a very scary display item.

Jason action figures are available with various accessories, dependent on the specific figure chosen and the company who made it. These include plenty of gruesome weapons, like machetes, guns, axes and harpoons. Many of these items also feature a blood splattered design, making them look particularly real and terrifying. These action figures are a great collectable for any Friday the 13th fan.

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