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Fruit Plant Seeds

Fruit plant seeds are the ideal choice for domestic gardeners hoping to create a crop of fruit for their own use. Commercial growers may also purchase fruit plant seeds in bulk. 

Fruit plant seeds come as potted junior plants, fully grown plants and as seeds. Suitability for growth varies greatly in relation to the growing conditions needed for successful growth.

Different Types Of Fruit Plant Seeds

  • Seeds - commonly sold in batches rather than per seed. Many different types of seed are available including jack fruit seeds, red climbing strawberry seeds, gala apple seeds, mango seeds and durian seeds. Exotic seeds like mini watermelon seeds are also available.
  • Grow Your Own Kits - likely to include starter pots, soil discs, seeds and instructions. Usually presented in an attractive box.
  • Trees/Plants - established fruit plants or trees vary in age or size and can come in growing pots or display pots. Some plants are designed for indoor use, others can be placed outdoors. Individual growing instructions apply, and guides to the full expected height of the plant should be included with the plant

Using Or Maintaining Fruit Plant Seeds

All seeds and plants will require different growing environments, maintenance and care. Special attention should be paid to the special care instructions for the plant and the supplier or manufacturer's instructions for planting seeds, or for the environment required for any one plant to thrive.

The Benefits Of Fruit Plant Seeds

  • Anyone is able to attempt growing their own fruit inside or outside their own home
  • Grow your own kits provide an attractive and practical gift
  • Fruit plants and seeds from exotic locations are available for anyone to purchase, enabling both commercial and domestic growers to attempt exotic fruit growth
  • Smaller fruit plants provide a practical and attractive indoor or outdoor feature
  • Larger plants may provide additional privacy to a home depending on their placement
  • Families growing their own fruit can enjoy healthy produce from plant to plate
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