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An Insight Into the Fuji X100 Digital Camera

Fuji manufactures a variety of digital cameras including but not limited to lenses, filters, and other lens accessories. The FujiX100 is the first model of a series of four, retro-looking compact digital cameras that come with a fixed prime lens. The inexpensive X100 Fuji you can find on eBay is designed with both a digital and optical preview so that you can switch between views.

How many 100-Series models are there?
  • Fuji X100S: The X100S is the successor to the X100 and comes with a lens that automatically corrects and shifts the view of panoramic scenes.
  • Fuji X100T: The X100T comes with a built-in, macro lens so that you can shoot extreme close-ups.
  • Fuji X100F: This model comes with a built-in, neutral-density filter that allows you to shoot at F1/30 or slower in daylight without a tripod.
What are the Fuji 100's different power modes?
  • Auto Power Off: You can set the camera to turn off at specific times to avoid draining the battery.
  • OVF Power Save Mode: When not in use, the optical viewfinder turns the camera sensor off.
  • Quick Start Mode: This mode wakes up and restarts the camera in .07 seconds when you tap on the shutter.
What type of film simulation does the X100 have?

Fuji's film simulation modes were designed to resemble Fuji's original vibrant and colourful films.

  • STD (Standard/Provia film): Vibrant and saturated colours resemble Provia film.
  • V (Vivid/Velvia film): Removes shadow details and saturates the colour.
  • S (Soft/Astia film): Clips the shadows and is more saturated than STD.
  • B (Black & White): Renders colours via a yellow, red, or green filter.
  • Sepia: The sepia mode adds a sepia tone to the black and white setting.
What are some features of the Fuji X100?
  • Noise Reduction: Set on high, it smooths the image grain on a high ISO setting. The low noise reduction setting allows for more image detail but lets in more noise.
  • Flash: The flash setting allows you to set the flash brightness and exposure compensation. It also controls the external flash.
  • Focus Mode Switch: The Fuji X100 allows you to select manual focus (MF), onetime locking single autofocus (AF-S), and continuous focusing (AF-C).
  • Exposure Compensation Dial: The exposure compensation setting allows you to place the image exposure to high or low.
  • View Mode: The view mode enables you to alternate amongst the rear LCD and viewfinder, viewfinder alone, or rear LCD.
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